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There are many paths to personal discovery and change, all of which begin with curiosity. If you have come this far, you are already well on your way.


About My Practice

I do not believe in dysfunctional individuals, families, or relationships. I feel that throughout our lives we respond to hardship and distress with highly effective adaptations. When those patterns of thought and behavior do not evolve, we can get stuck and feel trapped, individually and in stagnating, hurtful relationships. In our work together, we will wear new grooves, developing fresh perspectives and tools to guide us out of that stuck place into greater happiness and adaptability to an ever-changing life.

My approach is to offer you what I believe is needed to help that evolution along: equal parts compassionate encouragement and challenge. We will explore and co-create a new version of the story you have been telling about yourself and others, learning to identify and sit with emotions that you may be accustomed to brushing off or dealing with on your own. This can be challenging, but may help you to feel some relief right away. Sharing your story and experiencing validation and acceptance creates genuine connection which accelerates the therapeutic process. 

Some of the challenges I can help you address are: relationship struggles, family conflict, parenting, self-esteem, shame, trauma, depression, anger, anxiety, job/financial stress, creative blocks, gender identity, spirituality, sexuality, life transitions, grief and loss. I enjoy tailoring the work we do to your particular needs, and I have a variety of tools available to meet those needs.

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star.”

e.e. cummings

About Me

My name is Reuben Simon. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Registered Intern. I spent many years working in creative fields as a filmmaker, musician and writer. The work was challenging but largely dissatisfying, yet I pressed on feeling that "giving up" would be a failure I would forever regret. I quietly suffered professionally, in relationships and mind sets that did not serve my needs before reaching out for help. As a client and student of psychology, I awoke to an array of options that I never knew existed. Speaking my truth, acknowledging and sitting with my suffering and vulnerability allowed me to re-connect to myself and the people in my life I had longed to feel close to but did not know how. I have also discovered that the self is far more expansive and elastic than I could ever have imagined. The creative process remains integral to who I am and I have cultivated an approach to therapy that involves what I feel are prime elements of creativity: a set of structured parameters, improvisation and a willingness to throw all that out the window for the sake of discovering something new. I have chosen to spend the next part of my life helping others to re-discover themselves through close examination of their core vulnerabilities, mind-body connection and the healing power of relationships.


Couples & Family Therapy

If you want to improve the way you relate to your partner or family, you are certainly not alone. A great deal of individual suffering results from the alienation one feels in a group. I have heard the phrase, "I never feel more alone than when I'm around others" too many times to count. Do you want to change negative patterns of communication, increase safety, vulnerability, trust or sexual intimacy? If you are drifting apart from your partner or family, navigating a divorce or just getting started in a committed relationship, I encourage you to seek a therapist who can help you get on the right track to meaningful connection. One of the most frightening prospects to many of us is exposing our true feelings to someone else. Will I hurt them? Will I be hurt? Our pasts often dictate what we feel allowed to expect from others. With attachment theory as a guiding principle, we can assess where these feelings derive from. Opening space for our most acute sensitivities, we can seek to create secure attachments by acknowledging the underlying emotional vulnerability we tend to keep hidden from others, and often ourselves.

Boys & Men

Contemporary masculinity is as diverse as it has ever been, but still often stifling and restrictive. Are you struggling to define what it means to be a man? Are you a father working hard to be present and caring, while also offering clear boundaries? Are you and your partner disconnected or overtly hostile toward one another? Do you find yourself containing anger or rage and not having an outlet for it? Are you dissatisfied with yourself professionally and/or financially? Do you feel you might have over-dependence on alcohol, marijuana, media, pornography, or anything that provides an escape? Being a man invites unique challenges to therapy that I feel especially qualified to address, having devoted myself to professional and inward investigation of the masculine identity. Please contact me if you would like to discuss working together.

Physicians & Medical Providers

I am very familiar with the struggles and contradictions inherent to the medical profession. The stress, exposure to suffering, and complex professional, social and financial demands of a hospital and/or medical group are immense. The expectations you have of yourself, and that are put upon you, frequently lead to burnout, "moral injury" and undiagnosed covert depression which then leads to long-term physical and mental health concerns, and negative impact on patient care and personal life. Even self-care often turns into a source of pressure, perfectionism and shame. Finding outlets and balance when work is as all-consuming as the medical profession is extremely difficult, but it can be done. Please contact me if you would like to meet in person to discuss your particular concerns.


Devoting one's life to creative expression, whatever form that may take, invites a host of potential challenges. I am all too familiar with many of them, having spent the first part of my professional life in a creative field. Some obstacles you may face are: isolation and loneliness, questioning your path, skepticism from family or friends, relationship distress, financial worry, emotional dysregulation, anxiety and depression. While it is true that all of these problems exist for people outside of creative fields, when your primary source of revenue and interaction is your self, the impact can be heightened considerably. It's as if the work never leaves you and lines can become very blurry. People with acute sensitivity tend to gravitate toward creative endeavors, and the task of creative immersion can then feed back on those impulses. If you would like to discuss working together, please contact me to set up an appointment.